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More than 20 years experience with top nonprofits & businesses.
Easy access to NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Albany/Saratoga Capital Region.
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Kathleen Hickey

My personal mission is to orchestrate creativity and excellence with people and organizations who are ready to advance to the next level.

President, Advancement Communications, Inc.

Hi, I'm Kathleen,

and I'm here to help you connect, communicate, and navigate this challenging time.

After 20 years of working as a nonprofit development and communications leader and consultant, I thought I had experienced it all – from large-budget organizations with matrixed and distributed teams, well-honed processes, and massive donor lists, to small, mighty, and lean organizations with a steady base of support and one or two significant donors. And everything in-between. 

Then the pandemic hit. 

While we’ve all been adapting personally as much as possible, nearly every nonprofit and business is figuring out how to operate and serve in a new environment that is changing by the minute.

In addition to concerns for the health and safety for family, friends, and colleagues, everyone is figuring out how to replace lost revenue. Where is your revenue coming from now that your primary means of delivery has evaporated? How do you raise money when events are no longer possible? How do you talk to your donors when your mission is not deemed “essential” – or even when it is? How do you even ask for donations when so many people have lost their jobs? How do you sell a service or a product that has previously required in-person contact? 

These are hard questions. There are no easy answers, and every situation is unique. And still, we persevere with hope, because for every organization and business that has a compelling mission, product or service, there are still donors who want to give and customers who want to buy – and are capable of doing so. 

The question is: Are you ready to find and work with them?

Amidst the crisis, many organizations are amplifying how they connect and serve their donors and customers in personal, meaningful, and sustainable ways. This could involve a “pivot” or adaptation in approach, some new tools, improved communications, and probably more than a little dose of creativity.

How can we help you? Drop us a line and let’s talk. Our main goal always is to help you move through your challenges and come out stronger and more resilient on the other side. 

If you would like to go further, we offer affordable packages, and powerful services and tools to help you connect with your public, improve communications, and bounce back. I personally oversee every project, and lead a team of top-notch professionals, each with impressive expertise and experience. We work hard and take pride in our work and our personal mission to serve. 

Don’t let fear of cost keep you from reaching out. If we determine that we’re a good fit for one another, we will find a way to make it work. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

David Sakla

David Sakla

Creative Director & Graphic Design

Mateo Julia Wise

Mateo Julia Wise

Video Editing & Motion Graphics



Faithful Companion & Office Buddy

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